Water drainage & inheritance disputes, vehicle accident compensation

The following three questions, submitted to FOX 26 senior legal analyst Chris Tritico, were answered during a FOX 26 Morning News segment on Aug. 18, 2015:

What is the proper agency to direct questions regarding water drainage from neighbors property in Harris County?

My ex - husband's stepfather recently passed away shortly after his wife passed. His half of the property was left to his nieces.   My ex - husband's older sister has filed paperwork with the court claiming to be her step - fathers natural daughter in order to get the property. She is extremely greedy.  How do we stop her?

I was in a car accident where another vehicle ran a light and totaled my car. I've filed a claimed with their insurance company based in New York but because there are no witnesses no one was deemed at fault. The other persons insurance is willing to pay 50% of everything based on being fair and not having evidence to show fault of their driver. Is this something that insurance companies do or should they pay all or nothing. I think they're not being honest.