Kevin Kline has completed 100 miles in his 'Delivering Hope Run' in Alaska

An update on 93 Q's Kevin Kline, as he begins Day Four of his nine-day "Delivering Hope Run" in Alaska. He has run 100 miles so far in below-freezing temperatures and is on track of his planned schedule. He wants to complete 302 miles by Sunday morning.

Kevin has been training in a huge freezer in his garage the past 18 months and spent several years making sure he's pulling this off as safely as possible. We caught up with him, right before he headed out for Alaska.

“We have a crew of three: our logistics coordinator, we have a medic - a trauma nurse from the US Army, and we have a sniper, who will protect us from wildlife that wants to make us dinner. We also have professional drivers," he says. "This is the road that ‘Ice Road Truckers’ is filmed on, so we have professional drivers because every day, that's the most dangerous part of it, you're driving on dangerous ice over a mountain."

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He’s also working with a film crew, as they shoot a documentary about his once-in-a-lifetime excursion. Kevin is the first documented person to ever attempt to run the Dalton Highway this time of year, which is considered to be the most dangerous highway in North America.  He wants to take almost 2,000 children’s names, he is carrying in a backpack, to the “top of the world”, when he reaches the Arctic Ocean.

Kevin hopes to raise $200,000 this week to go toward pediatric cancer research. He began "Snowdrop Foundation" back in 2006 with his wife, Trish.  They have raised almost $2 million for research and have helped many more pediatric cancer survivors with college scholarships.

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