Healthy options hit the Rodeo menu

The rodeo may be known for the greasy, fried foods, but there are actually plenty of options available for those who are watching their waistline or have food allergies.

The Greek Grill offers flavorful gluten-free and vegan options such as the Gyro Bowl or Falafel on a Stick. All kinds of fresh fruits and juices are on the menu at Fruteria Cano. Stump's Wood Fired Pizza, usually full of dairy, cheese, and wheat, has a robust alternative diet menu.

"We do a whole foods based meal," said owner Eric Harris.  "Any of options can be made vegan, and our gluten-free pizza is very similar to the wheat option."

Salads, burritos, veggie tamales, protein-packed turket legs, and gluten-free cobbler are all on the menu this Rodeo season. Just because you're counting calories, doesn't mean you have to miss out!