Finding Families - teens in need of permanent homes

Throughout the Houston area, there are 5,000 children in foster care with teens the least likely to find permanent homes. In this edition of Finding Families, FOX 26 News introduces you to one young man who’s hoping someone will take a chance on him before it’s too late.

Jayquon, 15, loves bicycles, especially BMX ones. 

“One of my old friends showed be a website I could customize bikes on, and I just started going from there," explains Jayquon. "I started working with bikes and fixing them.”

Jayquon met with FOX 26 at Bike Barn on Weslayan Street, where he met with the store manager. 

“Jayquon is a 15-year-old young man who has been in foster care unfortunately since he was three years old, for a very long time," says Atasha Kelley-Harris, program manager, adoption and post adoption, at DePelchin Children’s Center. "He's 16 years old this August, and time is running out.”   

Depelchin Children’s Center wants to find a permanent family for him. He has been in too many foster homes to count. 

“If he does not find a family real soon, he'll age out of foster care at 18, basically be on his own without a family, without someone to support him in whatever endeavors he chooses to do,” said Kelley-Harris. 

Bike Barn manager John Jaster wanted to show Jayquon how much his store supported the teen's interest in BMX.

“We’re going to donate a bike to you," said Jaster to Jayquon. "You’re very welcome. It’s a Haro Shredder.”

The timing couldn’t be better. Jayquon’s old bicycle broke a few months ago. Even he couldn’t fix it. The Haro Shredder is his first BMX bike.

“As we know, many children in foster care go without, go without basic things kids get to have, not to mention a luxury like a bike,” says Kelley-Harris.  

Jayquon hopes to get a job once he turns 16, go to college and make a career out of designing and fixing bikes.

“I can be really respectful, excited but not too excited," says Jayquon. "I would be really helpful too.” 

If you’re interested in adopting Jayquon or any other child, send an e-mail message to