Cell phone apps to help heal 'the blues'

With Daylight Saving Time upon us, less sunshine and cooler temperatures can sometimes bring on 'the blues.' Dr. John Higgins from UT Health and the Harris Health System says an app on your phone might help bring about a brighter mood. 

"It boosts confidence and gives you positive things to think about," describes Dr. Higgins. "It uses videos and has you do certain 'thinking exercises' of how thankful you should be and getting you out of the house -- outside! It could really help some individuals who have seasonal affective disorder -- they need to get outside a little more and get sunlight. Exercise we know is excellent, good sleep and nutrition is important too, eating the right things, not having too much alcohol, because that can affect your sleep as well. How you feel is not only a combination of what your mind is doing and how your body is doing. A fit and healthy mind equals a fit and healthy body. We need to try to accomplish that -- share the problems, get to the gym with a buddy or hang out with a furry friend, like a dog, sometimes that can make you feel better."

Dr. Higgins also says if you search for apps for depression, feeling blue, activities and games for stress and anxiety, you can find uplifting help.