Will permit-less carry pass the Texas Senate - What's Your Point?

 Believe it or not - sometimes we just get it wrong
 And it happened last week during our discussion of the proposed "constitutional carry" of handguns, a bill that sailed through the Texas house.

 We predicted the same ease of passage would be repeated in the state senate...only to be blindsided by lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s statement that carrying a pistol in Texas without a permit didn't have the 17 votes needed in his chamber.

That news infuriated many Republicans and triggered talk that Patrick was listening to law enforcement instead of his pro-second amendment base.

This week’s panel: Tony Diaz - host of Latino Politics and News on KPFT radio, well-known businessman and columnist Bill King, Charles Blain, founder of the advocacy group Urban Reform, conservative commentator, Gary Polland, and former city council member, Sue Lovell join Greg Groogan to discuss the likelihood of "constitutional carry" becoming a law in Texas.