Was the impeachment trial of President Trump necessary - What's Your Point?

"We didn't learn anything new." - Charles Blain
"I'm glad it's over. I need the country to move on." - Tomaro Bell
" This is the abuse of a sacred process." Bob Price

The nation's third presidential impeachment trial is now history, the What's Your Point panel discusses whether the trial was necessary.

 President Trump was acquitted Wednesday by the Senate on the two articles of impeachment that were filed by the House after an investigation into Trump's request for Ukraine to "do us a favor" in exchange for military aid and investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden ahead of the November election.

..."a fatally, flawed power-grab."

— Senator John Cornyn​​​​​

"The President's purpose was personal and political"

— Senator Mitt Romney

Utah Senator Mitt Romney votes guilty on 1st article of impeachment

Split Senate Votes to Acquit

Closing arguments aim at voters and history