The photo went viral, Galveston police to change protocol for mounted arrests - What's Your Point?

This week’s panel: Ben Streusand, conservative commentator, “Three Amigos”, KSEV Radio; Carmen Roe, Houston attorney; Antonio Diaz-, writer, educator and radio host; Jacquie Baly, UH Downtown Political Science Professor; Ben Ferguson, conservative radio host; Craig Jackson, Professor, TSU Thurgood Marshall School of Law,  discuss the images of two mounted Galveston police officers leading a man on a tether down the Strand.

HOUSTON (FOX 26) August 8, 2019   The Texas Rangers are investigating a man’s controversial arrest by two white officers on horseback.

Pictures and videos of the arrest, which happened Saturday, have since been making its rounds across the internet, sparking a debate about Galveston Police Department’s practices.

Cell phone video shows Donald Neely, 43, in handcuffs that appear to be tied to a rope while he was led by the officers with what appears to be a bag on his head. Police told FOX 26 it is a welding mask that belongs to Neely.

Police say they were leading Neely to a staging area at 21st Street and Market Street because “a transportation unit was not immediately available.”

The man was arrested for allegedly trespassing at the Parks Board of Galveston at 601 23rd Street at 6:45 p.m. Saturday—making for a five-block rope-led police escort.

The police report’s arrest address contradicts a police press release saying Neely was arrested at the Merrill Lynch building on 22nd Street. That building was also closed Saturday, and police didn’t answer requests for clarification.

The President of the Galveston Municipal Police Association spoke out about the controversial image of the arrest.

“It is very easy to take a still shot and fill in your own narrative,” said Geoffrey Gainer.

The City of Galveston has issued the following statement:


New video released of controversial rope-led arrest in Galveston

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