Poll shows Biden leading Trump in Texas, What's Your Point?

In the midst of this pandemic, a poll emerged this week which put Democrat Joe Biden slightly ahead of Donald J. Trump in the reliably red state of Texas.  Could it be a natural reflection of the COVID--damaged economy? Or perhaps, a critical assessment of the president’s leadership during this health crisis, or maybe it’s just a reflexive human desire for change, any change during a time of terrible disruption.  While November is a long way off,  we asked our longtime “go-to” political analyst Mark Jones for a layout of the emerging electoral landscape.

A new Dallas Morning News/University of Texas at Tyler poll shows that Trump and Biden are backed by 43% of poll respondents, with 5% opting for “other” candidates and only 9% undecided. Trump’s overall approval rating was 45%.

The results mirrored those of aIBD/TIPP poll carried out between April 26 and 29 involving 948 registered voters, which again put both Trump and Biden at 43 percent. Overall, however, Biden was leading Trump in most national polls last week.