Indictments come down on Houston ISD bribery investigation - What's Your Point?

Bald-faced, unvarnished corruption at the expense of both Houston taxpayers...and more importantly - the close to two hundred thousand students who attend the state's largest school district.
Federal prosecutors allege former Houston ISD Chief Operating Officer Brian Busby steered millions of dollars worth of contracts to vendor Anthony Hutchison in exchange for "big time" bribe money.

The details on the  multi-million dollar kickback scheme

Also implicated in the scheme are five others - including former Houston ISD school board president Rhonda Skillern-Jones who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and admitted accepting bribes.

First notification the FBI was  investigating HISD

Skillern-Jones has resigned her post as an elected trustee of the Houston community college system and Thursday was removed from the staff of Harris County precinct one commissioner Rodney Ellis... Whose office has denied knowledge of her criminal activity?
News of the indictments and guilty pleas prompted longtime h-I-s-d critic state senator Paul Bettencourt to offer a very definitive "I told you so"

Meantime, the current Houston Independent School District Superintendent Millard House says he's absolutely "outraged", adding his team "did not create the problem, but will certainly solve it.

The panel discusses the distinct prospect of more players falling into the FBI’s"net"  as well as where this investigation might lead authorities.

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