FBI conducting 'court authorized law enforcement activity' at HISD administration building

The FBI searched the home of an HISD administrator and scoured HISD’s administration building.

FBI agents served the search warrants simultaneously. SkyFox flew over the gated community in Northwest Harris County as agents searched the home of HISD’s Chief Operating Officer Brian Busby.

Our cameras were also there as FBI and IRS agents conducted an investigation at HISD's Hattie Mae White Administration Building.

"It is alarming. Anytime you see the FBI it’s alarming,” says HISD Parent Wanda Gibbs.

Even as parents arrived at HISD headquarters handling matters regarding their kid’s education, FBI and IRS agents were there searching, securing certain items and bringing boxes of things out, loading them into vehicles.

"We are conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity. There’s no threat to the students, faculty or staff. We will be here for a while,” explains FBI Spokesperson CJ Jones.

Agents searched the Houston Independent School District’s administration building and the home of HISD Chief Operating Officer Brian Busby for hours.

According to the HISD website, Busby began his career with the district 21 years ago as a custodian and worked his way up, now overseeing a $260 million budget.

"Unless you explain to us fully why they’re here, it starts to make us think there is something wrong going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about,” adds Gibbs.

"When there is more information that is publicly available we’ll share it with you,” says Jones. Houston Federation of Teacher’s Attorney Sonia Gonzalez was at the administration building as the FBI conducted its search.

"We just want to make sure the students are receiving the education they deserve and our teachers are going to continue doing their job,” says Gonzalez.

HISD released a statement saying:

"HISD can confirm the FBI is in the Hattie Mae White Center regarding a court-authorized law enforcement matter. The district is fully cooperating. There is no danger to students, staff, or the community.”

The FBI and IRS searched HISD Headquarters and Busby’s home from roughly 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Texas Education Agency tells FOX 26 it was not aware of the FBI search and says the FBI activity at HISD does not involve TEA’s pending takeover of the district.

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