Houston's homicide rate highest among large cities in U.S. - What's Your Point?

Shoot-out in broad daylight- 3 HPD officers shot

Deadly 2022 Houston leads the nation in homicides

Just when you thought the condition of public safety couldn't crumble much more - our collective sense of well-being was effectively riddled by a barrage of bullets - fired in broad daylight by a predatory, repeat offender - into the bodies of three Houston police officers.
While "all" thankfully survived, the brazen violence aimed at law enforcement - came just five days after the ambush and murder of deputy constable Charles Galloway at the hands of an undocumented fugitive who'd avoided arrest in this "sanctuary city" for more than a quarter-century

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While unrelated - the armed assaults are clearly part of the same vicious pattern plaguing our community.
So far in 2022 - there have been 38 homicides in Houston - the most of any major city in America.