Astonishing early voting numbers and some issues - What's Your Point?

As reported here and elsewhere Texas has added nearly 3 million additional registered voters since 2016,  roughly a 20% increase in the eligible electorate. Here in Harris County, more than 100,000 ballots cast on each of the first four days. Statewide, more than 10% of registered voters have already exercised their franchise in each of the ten most populous counties.and there are still 12 more days of early voting left to go.

Everything you need to know to vote in Texas

The tsunami of early votes in Texas has not come without some significant challenges. Residents in Fort. Bend County endured frustrating delays caused by "technical glitches". Judge K.P. George called the early setback "extremely disappointing" and pleaded with impatient voters to return during extended voting hours. Elsewhere, the merry-go-round of legal challenges and contradictory court rulings continued over Governor Abbott's mandate of a single absentee drop-off location per Texas county. 

More on early voting

This week’s panel; Wayne Dolcefino, investigative media consultant, Carmen Roe, Houston attorney, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Janice Evans, media consultant, and Chris Tritico, attorney FOX 26 legal analyst join host Greg Groogan to discuss the early voter turn out and some of the issues arising in voting in the election.

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