Appeals court affirms legality of PROP B, firefighters move closer to pay parity - What's Your Point?

On November 6th, 2018 voters in the city of Houston granted firefighters equal pay with police.

 it wasn't even close,  the ballot initiative known as "Prop B" enjoyed a margin of approval approaching 20%

  Unwilling to accept this direct expression of democracy, Mayor Sylvester Turner sued - claiming the measure was "unconstitutional".

 More than 3 and half years later, a Texas appeals court has affirmed the legality of Prop B and the pay-parity it delivers.

 If, as experts predict, the decision stands long suffering firefighters will be due hundreds of millions of dollars in back pay and a substantial raise going forward.

It wasn't long ago that Turner and the City suffered an equally crushing court defeat at the hands of firefighters on the issue of collective bargaining. Given the mayor's obstinate refusal, on multiple occasions, to allow an independent arbitrator to decide fair pay - does he alone bear responsibility for the financial trainwreck that's coming?

Throughout the multi-year "cage fight" over fair wages and benefits  - Houston firefighters have remained absolutely steadfast in their support of union President Marty Langton...and his leadership.

 by "running the table" on the city with the appeals court - it certainly appears that "trust" has been vindicated.

Greg Groogan spoke one-on-one with Lancton about the path forward...and a standing offer with the potential to save Houston taxpayers a fortune.