A look at the Biden health care plan- What's Your Point?

Joe Biden says his plan for improving health care would build on the foundation laid by the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

The former vice-president hopes to fund a so-called "public option" available to all Americans, regardless of their economic condition which would cost a family no more than eight and a half percent of its household income.

In states like Texas, which have refused to expand Medicaid, Biden proposes giving ultra-low income patients health coverage for free under the same public option.

Like his opponent, President Trump, Mr. Biden would mandate coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and prohibit surprise billing.

This week's panel Charles Blain, Urban Reform, Bill King, columnist and Houston businessman, Tony Diaz, educator and host of Latino News and Politics (KPFT), Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Jacquie Baly, political professor UH-Downtown join Greg Groogan to talk about the Biden healthcare plan.