A brutal week for Houston's outgoing mayor - What's Your Point?

A brutal week for outgoing mayor Sylvester Turner.

Exhibit A - the revelation that the mayor attempted to stick the taxpayer-funded Houston First Corporation with the $124, 000 cost of his "legacy" book.

 Our own Fox 26 contributor Bill King caught wind of what he described as a "vanity" volume.... And raised a very big, very public "red flag"

Less than 24 hours later and Houston First Chairman David Minceburg announced the organization would not pay for the book - in large part, because funds raised for the "state of the city" tribute luncheon had run dry.

 Which leads us to - "exhibit  B" - Turner's openly hostile and unhinged treatment of investigative reporter Amy Davis.

 I respect my colleague Amy Davis. She has always practiced journalism with integrity and courage....consistently unafraid to ask tough, but fair questions.

This exchange did not reflect well on the mayor.