Geminid meteor shower peaks late Sunday into early Monday: how to see it

It’s almost time to look to the sky and see what should be the best meteor shower of 2020. 

The Geminid meteor shower will include up to a 120 streaking lights each hour. It should peak late Sunday overnight into the early hours Monday. 

NASA experts have said the annual meteor shower, which occurs between December 4 through December 17, will likely be even more spectacular this year. There will be a nearly new moon, so skies will be darker allowing the meteors to shine through. 

It’s best to move away from city lights to fully appreciate the event.

The shower gets its name from the constellation Gemini, where the meteors appear to originate when observing them on Earth. NASA indicates the Geminids travel at about 78,000 mph. That’s more than 1000 times faster than a cheetah, or more than 40 times faster than a speeding bullet, the agency said.

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