Dr. Jim's Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Water Bottle Filter, with extra filter
Small LED Flashlight
Large LED Flashlight, with hand crank to charge  plus a USB port
2 LED Headlamps with straps
Roll of Duck-Tape, at least 55 yards of tape
Disposable Lighter
Small First Aid Kit
Small Mess Kit (with pot, bowl, cup and plate)
2 Bags Toilet Paper (small camper’s toilet tissue bags)
1 Large Plastic Garbage Bag
6 Freeze Dried Meals/or MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

Contents in one-gallon plastic Slider Ziploc bags
Snacks for 3 Days, in two separate plastic bags
Choose things you and your family really like
Snacks are replaced every six months

Utility Bag 1

Spoon/Fork/Knife combo
Can Opener
Collapsible Plastic Bowl
Small Container Kleenex Tissues
Small Rope, 25ft Length
Work Gloves
Plastic Whistle/Compass/Small 

Container Combo

1 Bag with 2 Breathing  Respirators/Masks
Extra Filter for Water Bottle

Utility Bag 2
2 Emergency Candles with Metal Holders
Reflective Survival Blanket
Hooded Poncho
5-In-1 Knife/Utility Tool
Plastic Whistle with Compass
Hand Cloth
4 Small Lighters
2 Air Activated Hand Warmers

Toiletries Bag
3 Ounce Hand Sanitizer
Toothbrush/Small Toothpaste
1.2 Ounce Mouth Wash
Small Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant
Flushable Hand Wipes
Small Container Kleenex Tissues
2 Lip Balm 
Small Mosquitoes Repellent
40 Count Ibuprofen
8 Count Ibuprofen PM
24 Count Acetaminophen (Headache)

Cooking/Fuel Bag
Small Folding Camp Stove
2 Boxes Compressed Fuel Tablets
Box Waterproof/Windproof Matches