Rockets will not sign free agent forward Chuck Hayes

After reaching a verbal agreement with the Houston Rockets on a one-year deal, agent Calvin Andrews told FOX 26 Sports free agent forward Chuck Hayes will not sign with the club because of salary cap issues.

"They're telling us they have some limited roster complications and some financial complications that's going to make it tough for him to be on the roster," Andrews said.

"We're extremely upset and disappointed. We understand that it is a business and these things happen. It's the NBA. This stuff happens."

There is however a place for Hayes with the Rockets organization.

"They want him to join the front office or the coaching staff," Andrews said.

In fact Hayes has similar offers from other teams, but he is not ready to walk away from his playing career.

"He's been offered by (NBA) people to join coaching staffs/front-office type roles, but he really wants to play," Andrews said.

Hayes, a 10-year veteran, played for the Rockets from 2005-2011.