Mayor Turner for name change of Holman Street to Hofheinz Way

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Mayor Sylvester Turner will recommend to Houston City Council that Holman Street, between Scott and Cullen on the University of Houston campus, be renamed Hofheinz Way to honor the Hofheinz family of Houston.

Changing the name of Holman street to honor the late Judge Roy Hofheinz, was a key factor for the family to settle its dispute with the University of Houston over the name of  the school's basketball arena.

It has been known as Hofheinz Pavilion since 1969, honoring Judge Hofheinz, whose $1.5 million donation  helped pay for the facility.

Settling the dispute allows UH to move forward in selling the naming rights to its soon-to-be renovated basketball arena to help pay for the estimated cost of $60 million.

"I'm a proud Cougar fan," Mayor Turner said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "I certainly want to be supportive of the University.

"I'm glad they were able to reach a resolution because the Hofheinz family has been very positive, not only for the University of Houston, but for the city as a whole. We are indebted to the Hofheinz family on so many different levels.

"At the same time Hofheinz Pavilion certainly needs to be re-done or improved, enhanced. So we certainly don't want to stand in the way of that, and the fact that the two sides were able to reach an amicable resolution, if the city of Houston can help in cementing that resolution, then I certainly will recommend to the members of City Council that we do just that."

Mayor Turner said a formal request by the University of Houston to change the name of Holman Street on campus to Hofheinz Way has yet to officially reach him.

"My initial thinking is to view it favorably," Mayor Turner said. "We should be able to make it work."

Mayor Turner said the name change will require City Council approval.