Houston Texans fans react to Bill O’Brien being fired

Fans have been pretty cut-throat in their responses as they reacted to the Houston Texans firing head coach and GM Bill O'Brien.

FOX 26 spoke to them as they were celebrating the Astros' win Monday, when they learned about O’Brien's departure.

Many fans say O'Brien's firing was way overdue and a move that the Texans should’ve made years ago. 

Houston Texans fire Bill O'Brien, Romeo Crennel announced as interim head coach

The Houston Texans have fired Bill O'Brien after an 0-4 start to the season per FOX 26's Mark Berman. 

"I think it’s a long time coming. Been probably two years late. It should’ve happened earlier but better late than never," said Jim Baker. 

"I’m glad he’s gone. I think Houston’s glad he’s gone. I’m going to put the boxes over there for him at his house so you know he can just go ahead and leave," said James. 

"We have suffered as fans. I think we’re going to start playing better. I think we got a victory today, our first win," said Mark Valdez.  

As fans rejoiced over the news, they say Houston deserves much better than rooting for a losing football team, year after year, criticizing O’Brien for not delivering.

"Everyone’s tired of losing," said Lloyd Wright.


"We lost Hopkins because of him, a lot of players," said James. 

"We traded away our best players. We didn’t really replace him with better players. We’ve got guys that are in the prime of their careers that have been wasting away. I think the team needs to get better and I think the city needs to heal from the Bill O’brien era," said Valdez.

As for who fans would like to see replace O’Brien, they say interim coach Romeo Crennel seems like a pretty good bet. 

"He’s a great interim coach and he could be a good full-time coach. I don’t know if many other coaches right now are available, so I'd go with Romeo," said Baker.


"Crennel is a proven commodity and I think that would be a great choice," said Valdez.

With O’Brien’s departure, fans say they’re now hopeful for the remainder of the Texans' season.

Texans next game is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars at NRG.