Correa visited by young Astros fan battling cancer

Astros star shortstop Carlos Correa got a nice Sunday visit at the ballpark from a young Astros fan he befriended this past fall.

In late September, Correa had made a surprise appearance at Neil Kerrigan's 18th birthday party. The two had met a few days earlier at Minute Maid Park. That's when Correa learned Kerrigan had a brain tumor and was battling cancer.

Now, Kerrigan is about to graduate from Houston Christian School. On Sunday, Kerrigan decided to pay Correa a visit back at Minute Maid, the place where the two had first met.

Correa was all smiles when he saw Kerrigan and his family.

"It's pretty special to be able to hang out with him," Correa said. "A lot of feelings when I'm with that kid. He's very special to me, so it's very good to have him here.

"It's really inspiring," he added. "He makes you appreciate things a lot more. I feel like God has put me here for a purpose. I feel like I can impact people in a positive way and that's what I'm going to try to do."

Correa took a picture with Kerrigan and his family. Afterwards, Correa gave Kerrigan the very Astros cap he was wearing.

"I gotta give him that hat," Correa said. "I mean, he had my jersey so he was missing a hat to have the whole uniform, so hopefully, he'll be out there having fun. I have the day off today, I won't be playing, so hopefully, he'll be able to have fun."

Kerrigan was very appreciative for everything Correa has given him. Not just the hat, but also for all the support.

"It was so much fun," he said. "I met him before, but it was just fun to see him with my family and for them to get a chance to meet him, it was a good time. And I got a hat.

"It's meant so much," Kerrigan added. "Just as a high schooler who's going through chemotherapy and brain surgeries and stuff, to have a support (system) who's more on a national basis versus just the city-wide basis and stuff... it's been a lot of fun."