Woman sues Spring physical therapy facility for alleged sexual assault by licensed therapist

A woman is suing a physical therapy facility in Spring after she claims one of their licensed therapists sexually assaulted her during a session. Records show that therapist was arrested and criminally charged in Montgomery County in January. 

The woman did not want to be publicly identified and spoke only through her attorney, Anna Greenberg. 

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Since the incident last December, investigators say multiple other women have come forward accusing the therapist of similar, indecent behavior. 

29-year-old William Abalos was arrested in January and charged with invasive visual recording and indecent exposure in Montgomery County. 

Investigators say Abalos was working as a licensed physical therapist at Select Physical Therapy off Rayford Road in Spring in December 2022.

Abalos allegedly took multiple female clients into private rooms, expose his genitals to them, and take pictures and videos without their consent. 

"They came out of a rehab clinic even more broken than when they went in," said Greenberg.

"We’ve sued them for negligent hiring, training, and negligent supervision, and we know that they were negligent in their supervision because this never should have happened," Greenberg continued. 


Greenberg said her clients would go in seeking treatment for a pinched nerve in their neck or help after a car accident and would instead, be instructed by Abalos to conduct a ‘grip test’ with a pillow case. 

"She could feel something inside the pillowcase, and she couldn’t see what she was squeezing. He told her to move her hand back and forth, grip tighter, not so tight, and then when he told her to grip the final time, she felt actual skin," Greenberg said. 

Documents said Abalos would also touch the women’s feet inappropriately. 

"He was working on her feet, touching her calf and rubbing her feet when she felt what she was convinced was the tip of a penis at the end of her feet, and then a sticky liquid substance," Greenberg said. 

According to the criminal complaint, Greenberg said investigators found Abalos had been secretly photographing several of his clients. 

"There was a substantial amount of pornographic material found including foot fetish pornographic material, which makes sense now knowing what he was doing to women in that private room," Greenberg said. 

Greenberg adds that Abalos was only licensed in October 2022, just four months before these alleged assaults took place.

FOX 26 reached out to Select Physical Therapy for comment, however, a spokesperson said they 'do not comment on legal matters.'

Records show Abalos has posted bond. His next court appearance is set for June.