Woman helps family with no running water get a new home

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What would you do if you heard of a family living in such deplorable conditions simply waking up in the morning seemed too much for them to bear?  One woman has made it her mission to give this family hope and a new home.  Perhaps you can help too.

”I figured we could put something together,” says Deborah Haring.  With little more than good intentions Haring began building the Hoffman family a home.  For months an old camper has been home for Rhonda Hoffman, her 16 year old daughter Brianna and her 10 year old son Johnnie.  The rundown camper, which neighbors found in the woods, doesn’t have running water or a restroom.
“Just to breathe every day is more than what I can stand to be honest with you,” explains Rhonda Hoffman.

”How we take a shower is we unhook the water hose and go behind the house and take a shower in the cold water.  We don't have any hot water,” says 16 year old Brianna Hoffman.

“Deer hunters would not deer hunt out of that and I know because I’m a deer hunter,” says Haring.

“It’s awful.  My son sleeps in a little bitty love seat.  I sleep in a chair.  My daughter sleeps on a makeshift bed,” adds Rhonda. 

“I don't like not being able to use the bathroom.  We use a bucket,” explains Brianna.

The Hoffmans fell onto hard times after Rhonda's husband of 17 years, the children’s father, died of a heart attack then the family's home burned down.
“I just go day to day, cry myself to sleep every night,” adds Brianna.  When Haring heard the news she gathered volunteers, including brothers Sonny and Dean Adams and they started building the family a new home.

“They're restoring my son's faith in God again.  He said he longer had a reason to believe in God because He took his dad, then He took his house,” explains Rhonda.

“I'm seeing a community come together.  I'm 55 years old and I'm seeing something I ain't never seen in my life,” says Haring. 

“They're angels.  They are truly, truly angels.  I’m so thankful,” says Rhonda.  The new house has two bedrooms and is just less than 400 square feet.

“To this family it's a mansion,” says Haring.

“It's a true blessing.  God has worked miracles and they're building us a dream,” smiles Brianna but the volunteers are out of money and need help finishing what they've started.  They’re still in need of lumber, siding, flooring, a plumber, a heating and air conditioning technician, to name a few things.
They hope to have the family in their new home before cold weather moves in.  If you would like to help go to www.gofundme.com/briannaH99 or call 832-372-4714.  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter if you have questions about how you can help.