Woman found murdered at southwest Houston apartment complex

A woman was found dead on New Year’s Eve, murdered in a southwest Houston apartment complex. Her killer is still on the loose. 

Her lifeless body was found in an outside stairwell early Monday morning at the Ludren Park Apartments. Several people say they may have seen the killer.        

A number of residents at the complex on Fondren near West Bellfort stepped outside first thing Monday morning making a tragic discovery.

"It was upsetting to walk out your door and see a dead body,” explains one resident who didn’t want to give her name. 

Many who live here say a barrage of bullets blasted off hours before the woman was found dead.

"I just heard a few gunshots around 1:30 or 2:00 this morning and we saw a guy running away,” adds a resident.

Fearing for their own lives, most of the residents do not want to be seen on camera.

"It’s very disturbing knowing it was right there next to my apartment,” says one woman.

"The only thing we heard was arguing.  Her going back and forth with someone,” says another resident.

One man says he heard five shots and the sound of the gunman chasing the woman down.  By the time he had the courage to look outside, in the darkness, he didn’t see the woman laying near the walkway shot.  She wasn’t discovered until daybreak.  "It’s pretty sad. It’s scary as well."

The name of the woman who was killed hasn’t yet been released. Her killer hasn’t yet been caught.