Woman finally laid to rest after somone else buried in her grave

Relatives introduced to you First On FOX are finally burying their matriarch after finding another woman buried in her cemetery plot.  Burial for Marguerite Lamb is coming later than expected for the beloved mother who passed away in May. She was supposed to be laid to rest at Mainland Memorial Cemetery in Hitchcock more than a week before, but unbelievably, there was already someone buried in her plot next to her husband's grave.           

The grief-filled gathering was even more emotional for the Lamb family because it was actually the second scheduled burial for Marguerite since the first funeral had to be postponed because a body was found already buried in her grave. 

"I’m hurt emotionally," says Marguerite's son Michael Lamb. "It’s been a tough time for us since May 11, 2017 since my mom passed away. Here it is, June 2, 2017, and we’re just now putting her at rest. That’s way too long.”

Marguerite purchased the plot next to her husband after he passed in 1994, so how did someone else end up there?

"This obviously happened before I took over as the owner out here, but it is something I’m trying to rectify,” explains Mainland Memorial Cemetery owner Russell LaRoe. He also says his company is working to identify the woman who was in the grave. LaRoe adds that there is no record of anyone being buried in that spot.

”It was a surprise to me when we discovered this and I’m the one who discovered it," says LaRoe. "I was upfront about everything. I didn’t try to hide nothing.” 

“It could be my grandmother," says  Marguerite's daughter Connie Carter. "We don’t know and that’s the problem we’re having.” The Lamb family has five loved ones laid to rest in the 100-year-old cemetery. Now, they have doubts if everyone is where they are supposed to be, so instead of leaving right after their mother’s service, the family stayed to watch her casket covered.

"We want to make sure Mama’s buried in the right spot,” says Michael.

“We’re staying because at least then you know, because when they take them and put them under those awnings and the family drives away, you don’t know what they’ve done with that body,” adds Carter. 
The cemetery owner says he’s expecting a report next week regarding the identity of the woman who was buried in the grave.