Woman at the center of Deputy Goforth case brings new developments

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The woman who came forward and signed an affidavit saying she had an affair with Deputy Goforth is now playing a role in the murder case.

Fox 26 News saw her for the first time leaving her house Tuesday morning.

The latest court filing is requiring the state to provide the defense with several records.

Among them -- all messages and emails contained on the deputy's phone as well all messages and emails contained on the phone of this mystery woman.

Neighbors say there were patrol cars at her house this morning. This is after new court filings show a motion granted to provide the defense with extensive records, including:

- all gas receipts submitted by Deputy Goforth for any patrol units during the past 15 months
- all cell phone records, text messages and emails on his cell phone
- all receipts maintained by the chevron station where the incident occurred for purchases of gasoline by Deputy Goforth.

FOX legal analyst Chris Tritico says this is a necessary request in the Defense's strategy for accused killer Shannon Miles. Among his Defense is attorney Anthony Osso.

“Anthony Osso's defense is that this can't be a capital murder because Deputy Goforth was only at this gas station to see the lady he was having an affair with. Therefore, he was not legally on duty,” said Tritico.

And that could mean the difference between life and death.

Tritico said capital murder is likely to result in the death penalty.

“If the answer to the question is that Deputy Goforth was not on duty, then Mr. Miles cannot be convicted of capital murder, and he escapes a death sentence. Then he's back to a regular murder, he's subject to 5 years or life or 99 years in prison,” said Tritico.

The next court appearance for Shannon miles is in early November.