Woman, 81, injured in League City dog attack

Police say an 81-year-old woman was hurt in a dog attack in League City.

The attack was reported at the Newport Park in the Newport Subdivision of League City at 2:05 p.m. Tuesday.

Witnesses told police that two dogs were loose in the area while the woman was walking her dog, and they attacked the victim's dog.

Police say the woman fell to the ground and a pit bull turned on her. During the attack, police say the woman sustained non-life threatening injuries to both arms and one leg. 

A witness saw the attack and was able to stop it.

League City Animal Control found and contained both dogs in the area.

Police say the owner of the dogs was cited for animal at large, no rabies vaccination, and canine without League City tags for both of his animals.

The pit bull was kept by animal control under a ten day-quarantine by law for rabies observation.

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