With reversal looming, Texas Democrats vow defense of abortion rights

From those in Texas who have fought the hardest and longest for choice, the leaked opinion telegraphing a potential reversal of Roe versus Wade has triggered absolute fury.

"Banning it will only mean women will be desperate, and they will die as they try to provide themselves their own medical care," said State Representative Ann Johnson, a Houston Democrat.

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And yet from those who've battled equally hard to outlaw the interruption of pregnancy, the reaction was one of cautious but profound relief.  

"Is the pre-born child a human who is alive? If the pre-born child is a human being with human rights then there is no logical argument for abortion," said Kimberlyn Schwartz with Texas Right to Life.

Schwartz believes the intentional unauthorized release of the draft opinion was meant to trigger intimidation and energize opposition.

"This was linked with malicious intent, that they were trying to either sway the justices or voters at the polls," said Schwartz.

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Intentional or not, Democrats, like Johnson, have already embraced and echoed the call for ballot driven action in a last ditch defense of a woman's right to decide.

"It happened because we as an electorate have been asleep at the wheel and so it is a time to go vote. What does it mean for your pocketbook if your child and your daughter can no longer go get health care if she's been raped? These Republicans have already let us know what they are going to do. They are going to divide the states. They are going to have states that fit into their culture war, and you can live there, or you can leave," said Johnson.

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Democrat for Texas Governor Beto O'Rourke announced a "Rally for Abortion Rights" Saturday morning at Houston's Discovery Green.