Water main break floods east loop, stranding residents, closing stores

High water is receding tonight along Clinton Drive after a major water main break Thursday afternoon.

For hours, floodwater rose closer and closer to homes. Many homeowners like Abraham Castillo were stuck, unable to leave their residence because of the water.

“I just came out of my house, getting ready to go to work, I saw all of this water,” said Castillo. “I guess I’m not going to work today.”

Rescue trucks were on standby just in case in the area. We’re told no homeowners had to be rescued from floodwater.

“Thank God it didn’t get higher than this,” said Castillo.  “It looks like it’s going down now.”

Several businesses throughout Houston were forced to close on Thursday during the lunch hour.  Roughly 5 miles from the water main break, a shopping center was without running water near I-45 and Telephone.

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“Business is shut down now,” said Joseph Campus, who had been looking for food. “I guess they’re all experiencing the same thing.”

According to Kirk Michaelis, El Bolillo Bakery had to close to locations city-wide because of the water outage.

“I don’t know when it’s coming back on,” said Michaelis. "They have a small amount of water running, but nothing to wash hands or produce. So, we’re shut down.”

The water break closed many businesses and restaurants on Thursday and confused people looking for food.

“I like to eat,” said Cintreka Hicks. “It’s really crazy. I had Taco Cabana last night and now all of a sudden there ain’t no water. That’s crazy. I ain’t even going to play with the water thing. I’m going to go home and cook.”