Watch: Orangutan at Kentucky zoo asks to see 3-month-old baby: 'Cutest thing ever'

A curious orangutan captured the hearts of zoo-goers in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend when it knocked on its enclosure to further inspect a baby who was visiting the zoo.

Video taken by Kayla Jaylen Natsis shows her 3-month-old son Jordan being carried by his grandmother at the Louisville Zoo when the orangutan knocks and motions for someone to bring the baby closer.

Collective "awws" ensue when the orangutan takes a closer look at Jordan, then kisses the glass.

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"We brought him over so she could see him and she kissed the glass two times," Natsis told Storyful. "Everyone there, including us, thought it was the cutest thing ever!"

The Louisville Zoo is home to four orangutans – Teak, Amber, Segundo and Bella. Teak and Amber are former TV stars and appeared with Jack Hanna on the David Letterman show, according to the zoo’s website.

Orangutans, the largest tree-living animals on Earth, share strong bonds with their offspring. The Louisville Zoo says baby orangutans stay with their mothers for up to 10 years, the "longest childhood of any ape species."