Was That Fake? - scientists investigate alien space ship

Time for "Was That Fake?", where we look at some questionable headlines making the rounds and let you know if they’re legit.

First up, is Houston the number one party city in the country? We have fun around here, but the number one? According to Evite, this is true. That’s the site where you send digital invites for stuff. They analyzed data from parties planned in 39 cities this year and said Houston had the most "yes" RSVP’s and the most parties on the weekends. But, this is just one digital invite service. So, take that for what it’s worth.

Next up, is there an alien spaceship stalling out near us in space? That part no one knows, but actual scientists are looking into this, led by Stephen Hawking. There’s a cigar shaped object being watched and studied. Hawking and his team are listening to see if it’s sending any electromagnetic signals, which can’t be produced by natural celestial bodies. So, literally listening for alien communication! If they detect signals, that would be proof of alien life. Get this, the object is the wrong shape for an asteroid. Those are usually round. So, we may have an alien space ship on our hands. We will certainly keep you posted.