Walmart gives out free tickets to Black Panther advanced screening

A Houston Walmart was one of five in the country to give out free advance screening tickets to the new movie Black Panther.

The line for tickets wrapped around the store on South Rice Avenue Monday afternoon, as fans of the movie hoped to get hold of tickets to see the film before its nationwide premier Friday.

One mother and daughter waited in line for three hours in order to be among a few hundred people who got tickets to the advance screening of the film in Houston on Tuesday night.

“I’m excited 'cause I get to go to the movies," said Fandrea Nazir from Houston. "Now I just gotta post up at the theater and hope I get into my seat.”

Fandrea and her daughter Nadia arrived at Walmart at 11 a.m. for the 2 p.m. ticket giveaway. They’re glad they arrived early because the lines stretched long and tickets were gone in about 15 minutes, leaving some who waited empty-handed.

“The line actually wrapped around the store," said Fandrea. "It started--I would say--half point at the checkouts, wrapped around to the back end over by groceries. So that to the front only to be told they ran out.”

“They sent other people away," said Nadia Javed from Houston. "I’m just glad I got my ticket.”

The wait for tickets was made easier thanks to a man who kept them company while dressed up as one of the characters from the movie.

“We were able to take pictures with a character,” said Fandrea.

Mom and daughter even picking up outfits for the kids to wear to the movies.

“Ima have them dress up," said Nadia. "We have some capes at home. Just gonna have fun with it.”

“Well the movie is gonna be about a black action hero, and I want to support this video, because I need a hero,” said Fandrea.

If you didn’t get tickets to Tuesday's advanced screening, Black Panther will air in some Houston theaters Thursday night before it opens nationwide on Friday.