VoteJoin allows easy communication for Home Owners Associations

Easier to use than GroupMe, and less complicated than all of the other social media sites and platforms, VoteJoin allows Home Owner's Associations to communicate and collaborate with each other in a simple, yet effective way.

Most Home Owner's Associations have a hard time keeping track of their members requests, and have an equally hard time getting them to a meeting to attend a vote. VoteJoin simplifies this by allowing members to join the HomeOwners Association group either on an App they can download, or on their desktop computer by going to the VoteJoin website.

Members can chat, take polls, request a vote, create new proposals and more.

There are also Politics and Group sections on VoteJoin. 

You can create political causes, tally votes, take polls, create a variety of custom topics and much more! 

Unlike GroupMe, VoteJoin has their own organized groups area where you can set up a group for your fraternity, sorority, university, fire department, police department, place of worship or any type of group or organization you want... But the reason VoteJoin seems to be better than GroupMe is, they have a desktop version.

The app is free to download.

You can click here for the Apple version on i-Tunes

Or here for the Android version