Viewer gets refund from local Teeth Whitening Company

When a local teeth-whitening business didn't give a FOX 26 viewer a promised refund, she Took it to Akin!

It wasn't that the company did a bad job; they just didn't do the whole job.

Based on a friend's positive recommendation Claudia Gutierrez bought two,  60-minute whitening sessions for $99 from Naturally White Teeth Whitening.

Naturally White is a Houston company whose website lists three Houston locations.Gutierrez said she had her first visit at the Voss location last December and was pleased.

She said she scheduled her second visit. But she never got it.

The owner of Naturally White said the company usually doesn’t issue refunds.  The owner said since the business is in transition, appointments had to be rescheduled or canceled.  The owner therefore agreed to issue Gutierrez a refund via PayPal.  But that refund never came through.

Gutierrez said the owner then told her she’d give her cash. However, when Gutierrez' boyfriend showed up at the office for the money, managers didn't have enough.

That's when Gutierrez Took it to Akin.

The owner agreed to immediately give Gutierrez back her money and transferred $49 directly into her Gutierrez' account.