Video shows security guard not helping officers with arrest

An aggressive arrest in Houston is captured on cell phone video but what is more disturbing to officers is that a security guard just stood by and recorded the video instead of helping. One of the officers had pleaded for help from her as he arrested 17-year-old Davon Miller, a suspect in an aggravated assault case.

Houston Police Officers Union president Joe Gamaldi was on the Isiah Factor Uncensored Tuesday night to discuss the incident with Isiah Carey.

On Wednesday, Gamalidi shared on Twitter that the security guard was no longer employed with the security company.

"Update to the story that has been making the rounds the past 2 days. I contacted security company that employed the security guard. They handled the issue swiftly, she is no longer employed w/the company. In addition they expressed their love, support, admiration for HPD officers," he tweeted.