UH men's basketball playing best season in 27 years

The Houston Cougar men's basketball team beat SMU on Thursday night with a final score of 90-79, bringing their record to 28-2. This is their strongest season in 27 years. 

"Tonight is senior night, so we're saying goodbye to our great seniors," said a student. "They've meant a lot to this program, they've done a great job this season."

The crowd was full of loyal and excited fans. Current students, as well as 4th generation Cougars, and even a cheerleader who was on the court 50 years ago.

"It's phenomenal, the program has completely turned around," said another fan. "For us to be a part of it here tonight, we're excited."

The sense of unity and excitement in the Fertitta Center was electric.

"That's what's great about this team, they give it all they've got."