Two Wharton-area burglaries in 20 minutes

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Like a bad neighbor, one burglar struck the State Farm insurance agency first, forcing open the back door and stealing $80 and some tickets to a gala event. He ignored the computers and televisions.

“What we did observe is during the burglary, how bold this individual is," says Wharton Police Department Detective Ariel Soltura. "The only attempt he makes is to cover his license plate.”

Additionally, the burglary was reported at around 8 p.m. when the nearby Valero fuel station was quite busy. He wasn't content with such a small haul, so on his way out of town, the Funtown RV dealership caught his eye. The burglar heaved a brick through a window and went inside. This is where he really scored.

“I don't think he knew what he was going to find when he went in there," says Wharton County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Scott Grosser. "I think it was a lucky hit for him. He got in and seemed to rummage around in there for a few minutes before finding the safe.” He took the whole thing, just muscled it out the door. If he manages to open it  and he may have by now, he'll find it  holds $11,000 in cash inside it and $100,000 in checks that have not been cashed.

Surveillance video footage shows the burglar driving onto U.S. Highway 59 towards Houston, which leads law enforcement officers to believe that he's not a local resident. They think he'll likely return. The manager of Funtown RV says the dealership has taken some measures that will make it a more difficult target if he does return.

"Absolutely, absolutely,” says Funtown RV manager Brian Dunlap.

If you have any information about the burglar's identity, you are encouraged to contact the East Wharton County Crime Stoppers by phone at 979-282-8477 (TIPS).