Two Houston sisters looking for an adoptive home together

Many of the children in foster care belong to sibling groups and are looking for a family to commit to adopting more than one child.  Studies find there are a lot of benefits to keeping siblings together. In January’s FOX Finding Families, Sally MacDonald introduces us to two sweet sisters.

"These are two beautiful girls just 12 months difference in age, and they’re close in more than just age," said Caitlin Brake, Depelchin Children’s Center.

Sheila, 12, and Teri, 11, both love church. Teri also likes games and art, while Sheila is an athlete who plays many different sports.

Parental rights have been terminated, and Depelchin Children’s Center is looking for a family to adopt both girls together. Sheila spoke about what adoption means to her.

"Since your real parents are going through a lot, other people are going to be your parents from now on who care and love you, going to be with you for the rest of your life and support you."


Studies have shown children placed with a sibling feel more stability, form stronger bonds with their adoptive parents, and are more successful throughout life.

"It can be a home with a single parent, a two-parent home, an apartment or house as long as you have financial means to support a child and pass a background check," said Brake.

While they wait, the sisters face their future with courage and hope.

"Life may not go as planned but never give up. Keep your head up and look for the good stuff," said Sheila.

To adopt Sheila and Teri or any other child, start the process by sending an email here: