Two Harris Co. Sheriff's deputies test positive for COVID-19: HCSO

Two Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies have tested positive for COVID-19.

Both deputies, who did not work in the same location, are now quarantined at home, where their symptoms are being monitored.

One of the deputies is a male in his late 60s, who recently traveled to New York and has not reported for duty since returning from his trip. He last reported for duty on Wednesday, March 11. The other is a woman in her late 20s who last reported for duty on Monday, March 16.

Neither deputy works inside the jail.

The Sheriff’s Office is working with Harris County Public Health to identify co-workers and members of the public who may have had contact with the two deputies so they can take necessary precautions, including a 14-day home quarantine.

Testing for the deputies’ co-workers is expected to begin as soon as Saturday.

“While we’ve known that the likelihood of a positive COVID-19 test within our ranks was practically inevitable, today’s news is a gut punch to our Sheriff’s Office family,” said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. “Each day, the men and women of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office consistently report for duty, risking their own health and safety for the community they swore to protect. Now is the time for our community to show their gratitude by heeding warnings to stay home and practice social distancing to minimize the risk to all first responders. Lives are at stake.”