Two former Houston teachers accused in sexual misconduct investigation

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Two former Houston Independent School District teachers are under investigation for sexual misconduct with students. One of the accused now-former teachers worked at Hartman Middle School and parents of students from there are not happy about the news.

"Shocking, yes, very shocking, very," said Celeste Estrada.

"What are we going to do?," asked Richard Flowers.

Sources tell FOX 26 News that special needs life skills teacher Vinod Madathilkjunu fled back to India after the Houston ISD Police Department began to investigate him. Online records show that he taught on the middle school campus from 2014 until 2017.

The other accused former Houston ISD teacher, Mario Alonzo Juliangarza, taught at Deady Middle School before moving on to another school district. His alleged victim is 19 years old, but says the incident happened seven years ago at Deady.

Sources tell FOX 26 that Juliangarza is planning to surrender through his attorney.

How the allegations came to light is not certain, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law in 2017 that makes it a crime for school administrators to not report misconduct.

"That's part of the interpretation and that's one of the major concerns that we have right now is people overreacting to every single thing that's in there," said Houston Federation of Teachers president Zeph Capo.

Are these overreactions? Impossible to say right now as the details of the allegations are not public yet, but parents who spoke with FOX 26 say they have heard enough.

"That's society for I've got to go break the news to my wife," said Flowers as he walked away shaking his head.

Houston ISD released the following statement on Friday night:

The Houston Independent School District Police Department has investigated and filed charges of indecency with a child against two former HISD employees in unrelated cases. The Harris County District Attorney has accepted the charges. The former employees worked at Hartman and Deady middle schools. Both previously resigned. We take these situations very seriously as student safety is always HISD’s top priority.