Two fired after FOX 46 investigation into abuse at Charlotte daycare

After an exclusive FOX 46 investigation of child abuse at an east Charlotte daycare caught on camera - two people have now been fired. 

The disturbing video was pulled from a Snapchat account from a woman who was working at the Childcare Network off Sharon Amity Road. 

Now, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the Division of Child Development are investigating. 

The daycare said it didn't know about the video until our crew showed it to them on Monday, April 4. 

Less than a day later, two daycare workers accused of cursing at a child for not going to the restroom properly were let go.  

The daycare said it's working with authorities in hopes these women will not work with children ever again.

FOX 46 spent the afternoon talking to parents outside of the daycare. Most of them described the video as sickening, shocking, disgusting, and just wrong from workers who are supposed to be helping children. 

Moving forward, some parents believe this was an isolated incident and it's just 'a couple of bad apples'. 

Others feel different. 

"Yeah, we've taken her out anyway because of this thing going on now," Tangie Bostic explained. 

The daycare said it sent out emails and letters to parents Tuesday morning letting them know what has been occurring at their facility. 

About 100 children attend this center.