Twins remain in ICU after deadly school bus crash

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The family of the 17 year old twins who were hospitalized after Tuesday's deadly school bus crash held a news conference Wednesday. Both Lakeisha and Brandon Williams are in intensive care at Texas Children's Hospital. Their mom broke down thinking about how fortunate she is that both of them are alive.

"I watched the news and saw the impact of the crash, my children could have been gone. I give it god, god had his hands on my children," Ella William said.

Ella Williams is naturally shaken up still thinking about Tuesday's deadly crash. Her twins Lakeisha and Brandon were rushed to the hospital. They have broken bones, fortunately no head trauma and remain in the ICU.

"I really do appreciate the care and time Texas Children's took to make sure my babies get back to where they were...this is so hard," she cried.

The family says Lakeisha had surgery Wednesday and can only respond by squeezing their hands. Brandon they say is up and talking. Dana Thomas who works with the children at The Forge Christian Center says both twins have bright futures.

"Full of hope, dreams as far as trying to figure out what's next Keisha really had an interest in the military. Brandon was always the kid with something funny to say jokes was his pastime," Thomas said.

Williams says her heart goes out to the families of 17 year old Mariya Johnson and 14 year old Janecia Chatman.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the family that lost their children one of them which was a close friend ...I'm so sorry," Williams said.

Williams has not been told when both twins might be released from the hospital. She was not answering any questions in regards to filing a lawsuit.