TSU ramps up campus security following deadly shooting

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Texas Southern University steps up security measures for students living on campus. This comes after a freshman was shot to death outside The Courtyard apartments October 9th.

TSU announced it has added police and security patrol shifts, including hiring a private security company to make sure dorms are covered 24 hours a day. There’s mandatory sign in and sign out, and students have been told to expect random room checks.

Perhaps one of the toughest new rules is an 11pm curfew.  If students don’t have a legitimate work excuse, the school says there will be strict penalties.

“You’re getting a judicial ticket the first two times,” said TSU spokeswoman Eva Pickens. “The third time you’re expelled from the university completely.”

“OK, but the new rules won’t last long,” said one student, Aja Combs. Combs was somewhat skeptical about the announcement, but she said she had definitely noticed more security patrols.
“I like the security. It makes me feel a little safer,” Combs said, “But the curfew thing. We're grown adults and we should be free to walk around.”

Pickens says even adults at their age need guidance.

“We've got to take some of the ‘tough love’ kinds of moves,” she said. “Put those in place to ensure the safety of everybody on campus.”

Student Tony Wright, who lives at the Courtyard apartments, says he just wishes these measures had been in place all along.

“Honestly, I think had there been more surveillance around, like it is now, from the start, a lot of things would have been avoided,” Wright said.

Houston police said Tuesday,  no one has been charged in the Friday shooting and no suspect has been identified.