Truck used to smash through window of Highland Village Apple store

Houston police are investigating a smash and grab at the Apple store in Highland Village Wednesday morning.

Houston police were called out to the scene at 4:15 am. At the time, an off-duty Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy was inside working security, when a pickup truck drove through the barriers in front of the store.

Four masked men got out, grabbed as much as they could and left within 30 seconds.

Police say they stopped at an apartment complex about a mile away to switch cars, before taking off again. They are still on the loose.

Lt. Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department said the off duty officer "observed a vehicle backing towards the store at a high speed. It was a pickup truck they drove it through the window and into the store. He seems to be alright. It's a little shocking, I'm sure, to be in there in the store when things are kind of quiet during overnight shift and then all of the sudden a truck is driven into the store. But he seems to be all right, and he's helping us with the investigation."

A sign outside the store said it will soon be closed on July 28 for a remodel.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage.