Transgender man outraged over response to assault allegations

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What Lucas Young remembers is the muzzle of the gun, pointed at his face.

“The first guy pulled the gun on me and put it in my face and threatened to kill me,” said Lucas Young, who was the victim of an assault.

It started when Young was parked in front of his apartment complex, Shenandoah Woods on W 34th, in Houston. Young said a neighbor slammed open a car door into his car. When he got out to snap a picture of his neighbor's license plate, Young said his neighbor, along with his father and sister, attacked.

“The dad pulled out a knife and drew it toward me, and I said, ‘are you going to shoot me or stab me?’ and they were like, ‘If you don't leave, we will.’ I said, ‘Is this how you want it to go down?’ I said, ‘Over you hitting my car and me taking a picture of your license plate?

Young recorded part of the fight. Young said they held a knife to him and punched him, leaving him with bruises and lacerations. Police were called, but Young believes police mocked him and never arrested his neighbors because of his demeanor.

Young is transgender.

“This officer was smirking when I'm crying. My voice gets higher when I cry. I come across as either gay or trans, especially when I'm upset, emotional. That's when I put two and two together. They are just not taking this seriously,” said Young.

He filed a complaint with Houston Police, who told FOX 26 that they could not comment on the incident, and that there is currently an internal affairs investigation.

Young is working with Quanell X, who has taken the issue to the mayor's office.

“What's so different about him? He's a citizen attempting to get help from law enforcement. What's unique about him? What's unique about him is the young man is gay and transgendered, and the lack of sensitivity, the mockery, the laughter,” said Quanell X.

Both Young and Quanell X believe police officers have a new frontier to conquer when it comes to victims now  -- sensitivity training for gays and transgender victims.

Initially, Young's apartment complex wanted to evict him for what had happened.

They have since given him a notice saying they are giving him another opportunity, but Young said they were quick to want to kick him out and that they belittled his sexual orientation during the process.

Creative Property, the company that manages the apartment complex, has not responded to our calls for comment.