Trail riders make it to Houston for Rodeo

The Houston Farm & Ranch Club turned into a camp ground for the tired and hungry Thursday night.

Since 1952 folks have been traveling across the state to hype up everyone for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. "Seventeen years and it is just a big family, that's all that it is about, family", says rider Glenn Legare.

Mitch Morgan is this years Salt Grass Trail boss. He says this year about 1,300 people have been participating and have been riding since last Friday.

"Really coming out here I get to see people I haven't seen since last year so really it's like one big family reunion for the most part and you get to meet new friends", says Morgan

Others say the enjoy how fun and educational it can be and that it's a great day to celebrate Texas Independence Day.

"They read about it, see it on tv but they never actually get to experience it in person so I love that we get to spread that and share or heritage", says rider Lisa Ahrlett.

"Back in 1952 I mean it was smaller than this and now it's so big you can't stop doing it, you have to keep the tradition going", says anther rider Jonathan Cornwell.

 The riders will arrive at Memorial Park Friday night and will participate in the parade on Saturday.