Tornado destroys one home in Friendswood and damages several others

A decent size tornado, an EF 2, damaged several homes in Friendswood.  One in particular suffered the brunt of the force.  Neighbors say they’ve never seen anything quite this bad.


“The entire front half of that house is gone,” Katrina Kirk said.


Katrina Kirk considers herself lucky as she shows us what’s left of her neighbor’s house just feet away.


“We believe this a lot of these pieces is the roof from that house and just spread out through our cul-de-sac,” Kirk said.


The owners of the home here on Chester Drive hit hardest by the tornado weren’t there at the time it happened, and will be returning to very little.  A twist like no other Halloween.


“I guess the neighborhood theme for Halloween this year is disaster,” Casey Kirk said.


“I had just taken my dogs out and I laid back down and all of a sudden it sounded like it was hailing and I started to get up and my husband said don't go outside. He knew it was a tornado,” Rhonda Milen said.


Many spent a good part of the day dealing with knocked down trees and being cautious of fallen powerlines.


“You can see the powerline use to connect to a pole over there it's now running and hanging up here in my tree,” Casey Kirk said.


And it ruined the tornado a perfectly new car.  But despite what looks more like a Halloween nightmare, many say they’re grateful no one was hurt.