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Police are trying to determine who killed two homeless men and buried their human remain in northwest Houston. Officers found the remains last night at an abandoned warehouse on Todd Street near Antoine. There are reports the victims may have been burned and then buried.

A man is in the hospital after a shooting outside a nightclub in southwest Houston. Police tell us around 1-30 this morning, a group of men began fighting outside the club on Bissonnet near 59.  Somehow, one man was shot in the back. The gunman ran away.


A new campaign in support of local law enforcement is in full swing. About 30 minutes ago, members of the clergy along with KSBJ radio station began giving out blue bracelets that read "pray for police" and "hashtag p-4-p" at the Houston police officers' union office. We’ll have a live report in our next hour.



The woman being interviewed during the Virginia news crew shooting has been released from the hospital.

            Vicki Gardner, along with reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were shot on live television by a former station employee. Parker and ward were killed.

The gunman later killed himself.


14 people are being treated for minor injuries after an engine of a British airways jet caught fire in Las Vegas.

The Boeing 777 was about to take off, when fire started shooting from it. Luckily, all 159 passengers and 13 crew members got off safely.The cause of the fire is under investigation.