Top stories this morning 9/3

An armed robbery doesn't go as planned in north Harris County. Just after 1 a.m  this morning, police say a man tried to rob a resident in an apartment complex parking lot on Kuykendahl.


That resident pulled out a gun and shot the robber he was taken to the hospital and is expected to live.


A live look at a growing memorial for fallen Harris County deputy Darren Goforth. In the wake of the deputy's death in a shooting, some want to rename part of west road "Goforth road."

            A petition on already has more than 10-thousand signatures.

            The petition will be presented to Harris county commissioners on September 29th.

            Deputy Goforth will be laid to rest tomorrow. His funeral is taking place at second Baptist church on Woodway.


A man could be facing arson charges after an early morning fire at a southeast Houston high rise.

            Firefighters were called to the hospital building on Astoria Boulevard just after 1 a.m.

            Investigators say a man, who had been discharged from the hospital, broke into part of the building and started the fire. He was taken into police custody.


Breaking news out of Moscow this morning. Thousands of people were forced to flee the terminal at the city's main airport after smoke filled the building. A fire broke out at baggage area. Dozens of flights were cancelled.